Elections 2022, Conte: “Raggi not eligible for Parliament”

The M5s leader: “We will be a surprise, we aim to convince those who do not vote. Di Maio in the Pd headquarters? It has a certain effect on me”

“I did not understand on what basis Rays give the interpretation that is candidate. We actually said that the double mandate is valid for all: she, considering the zero mandate, is still holding a third mandate. This is why I believe that there are absolutely no conditions “for a candidacy by Raggi in Parliament. To clarify this once and for all is Giuseppe Conte, leader of the M5S, at ‘Countercurrent’.” Virginia Raggi is not a candidate. I say this – she reiterates – because this has created, with respect to others in the same conditions, an absolutely false perspective “.

As for the other ‘big’ not candidate, by his choice, Alessandro By Battista “I expected it – he says – because we have spoken to each other a few times in recent days, we have talked about the political line of the Movement and we have registered some differences. Perhaps this is the main reason that led to this decision by Alessandro”. Di Battista, continued Conte, “he is a person who has played an important role in the history of the Movement, he said something that I really like: I still want to do politics and create an association. I am convinced that politics is everywhere. “As for the words of the former pentastellato deputy about Beppe Grillo defined as a father-master, Conte does not state:” I do not enter into their personal relationship, they seem absolutely ungenerous words towards Grillo. It’s an opinion of him. We talk to Grillo almost every day. We are both focused on relaunching the Movement’s action. “On stage together during the election campaign?” We will certainly organize something. Each movement goes through various phases, this is a new phase in which, however, Grillo remains absolutely indispensable “, assures the former premier.

Second Count “the M5S can be a surprise because – he says – there is a strong abstention. Citizens must understand that if they do not take sides and stay at home to cultivate a hallway, they will let nothing change in Italy. They have to go and vote. When abstention decreases, I am convinced that we will grow. We are the only political force that can boast of having achieved at least 80% of the electoral program presented in 2018 “, claims Conte.

“When the Conte 2 government fell, there was a queue at the American embassy of Italian politicians coming and going. Everyone went there to recommend themselves. I guarantee Washington and all the allies of the Euro-Atlantic alliance the utmost loyalty. they know me and they know the M5S: we defend national interests in a serious wayconcrete and we make a constructive contribution to carefully read and interpret the geopolitical framework “.

And onCalenda-Renzi agreement ironically: “What is today’s ballet? I got distracted too, I don’t understand anything anymore … I would like to comment with the title of that famous film ‘An armchair for two‘. There are videos in which, a few days ago, Calenda declared that he was horrified to engage in politics with those who tried to sponsor the Saudi renaissance, but today we see them next to them. Let’s see how long it will last and if they manage to get along at least in the election campaign “, attacks the M5S leader.

As for his possible rapprochement with the Democratic Party
“I don’t see the prospectright now, of an alliance after the vote – he says – I see the prospect of an M5S project that urges citizens, including abstentionists, to go and vote, and I see goals “, he insists.

What is it like to see the photo of Di Maio in the headquarters of the Democratic Party? “He has a somewhat furtive look … It has a certain effect on me, but I don’t want to talk about Di Maio. I said what I thought, let’s give him the chance to pursue his political ambitions. ”