Elections 2022, Conte-Renzi: head-on clash

The M5S leader: “Come and talk about drc in the South without an escort”. Number one Iv: “Threaten physical violence, half a man ashamed”

It is now head-on collision between Giuseppe Conte and Matteo Renzi, engaged in an electoral campaign characterized by frequent back and forth between the two and by decidedly high tones. The fuse of the last round is once again the citizenship income, disliked by the leader of Italia Viva and defended tooth and nail by the number one M5S. Starting yesterday, from Sicily where he is engaged in a series of rallies, he is Conte with the invitation to Renzi to go and talk to the South of rdc, but “without escort”. An invitation that the former Democratic Party has obviously not appreciated.

“We are in a phase in which we should have done everything except an electoral campaign and we are there because Conte thought that if we were going to vote now, he would save his skin and is campaigning not only populist but crony on citizenship income”, the replies from Renzi, who attacks: “Do you know what he said today in Palermo? He said ‘Renzi comes unescorted’ to talk about citizenship income. What are you doing Conte? Do you threaten physical violence? You must be ashamed, you are half a man, have the courage to make a civil confrontation. This is mafia language“, the words of the leader Iv.

Conte’s reply is ready: “The only real threat is the one that Renzi directs every day to those in serious economic difficulties and who do not even reach the middle of the month.“. And again:” Renzi stop with the cunning and do not upset things. Do not mistake the appeal I renew to you for an invitation to violence: confront the real world without filters and listen to the voice of those who have nothing “.

“Renzi talks about shame. But if he, Senator of the Republic, who got paid by the Arabs and made a hustle on the Saudi Renaissance, is not ashamed, can the people who take citizenship income be ashamed? He takes 500 euros a day. “, he then attacked again in Agrigento. Then, speaking to the citizens, Conte reiterates the concept: “In your opinion, do all these applauding people all take the citizenship income? Renzi has to do one thing, come, finally without escort, among the people to talk, to expose his ideas. Come to say that in Italy there is no need for a social protection system. Come and say it – the invitation – and don’t hide “.