Elections 2022, Conte: “They gave us up for dead, they were still wrong”

M5S leader to Santi Apostoli: “This square is a sign of good health”. And on war: “Peace is off the radar and we had to turn off the air conditioners”

Giuseppe Conte arrives on the stage of Piazza Santi Apostoli, greeted by the ovation of the pentastellato people. “What is happening? They had given us up for deadbut this square seems to me a symptom of good health, once again they were wrong“, says the president of the M5S who immediately tackles the issue of the war in Ukraine.

This war, with what way out are we facing it? Do we want a negotiation or not? The government of the best asked us: do you want peace or the air conditioners turned on? Peace is off the radarwe had to turn off the air conditioners and now we don’t know if we will be able to turn on the heating “.

For this reason, the square urges, “Sunday is an important day, we must turn to the indifferent, to those who no longer believe in good politics. They have to come in vote to decide the fate of this country“.