Elections 2022, Di Maio: “Di Battista hater by profession”

“Conte and Calenda have decided to isolate themselves by doing Meloni a favor”

“Alessandro is a hater by profession, if he has chosen this role who am I to say something …”. He says it to Radio Cusano Campo Luigi Di MaioForeign Minister and leader of Civic Engagement, speaking of Alessandro Di Battista’s criticisms of him.

“We have an electoral law by which coalitions win. There are two coalitions: there is the right, and then there is us progressives. That for us is the only useful vote against a right that is isolating us in Europe”, Di Maio continues. Would he have accepted a larger coalition with Calenda and the M5s? “I have always hoped for unity – replies Di Maio – when the agreement was made between Calenda and Letta I was not against it. It is a pity that Conte and Calenda have decided to isolate themselves, doing Meloni a favor”.

“We must win with what we have and the progressive one is the only other coalition there is. After the elections we will see that it was political, but now the situation is clear: there is the right-wing coalition, there is the progressive one. , and then there are Conte and Calenda who run alone and do Meloni a favor “, he concludes.