Elections 2022, Di Maio: “Risk of economic war due to the right”

“Right-wing proposals worth 100 billion, so we risk default”. And he underlines: “Our coalition can win, work as a team”

“I have just returned from a trip to Kiev, where there is a people who are fighting to defend their freedom against an autocracy. The international situation is seriously affecting the economy of our country and this situation can worsen as a result of the economic proposals of the trio smash-accounts Berlusconi Meloni and Salvini, a coalition that can lead Italy into a real economic war“This was stated by the leader of Civic Commitment Luigi Di Maio, presenting the electoral program, in view of the political elections of 25 September 2022, during a press conference in the House.

The leaders of the right “risk isolating Italy and making us lose the money from the PNRR that we need to overcome the crisis”, attacks Di Maio. “Selling the country to Putin means hitting our freedom of enterprise and continuing to be blackmailed”, continues the leader of Civic Commitment.

These gentlemen have already proposed 100 billion euros of economic proposals” which “it means risking default. Not to mention the reform of Italian presidentialism, a presidentialism that does not have the checks and balances that are needed: so we risk having a Parliament with no more powers and therefore a people who have no power “the alarm raised by Di Maio.

“Our campaign – he underlines – is entitled ‘Let’s defend freedom’. We defend our freedom from a right-wing coalition that at this moment is putting the accounts of the state at risk” with “European friendships that will isolate us more and more”. “There is only one coalition that can beat the bankruptcy trio and it is the progressive coalition – he remarks again – Our goal is to bring home the result of the victory and we can do it if we work as a team “.

“As a Civic Commitment we have already asked for a strong intervention on the bills, even if the government is in charge for current affairs. The intervention of the Italian government is short-term but long-term the European gas price ceiling is needed – he reiterates – And on that, at the international tables more than Mario Draghi I don’t think there will be anyone else able to get it “.

Salvini talks about the risk of gas rationing? “He should have thought about it much earlier, we hope to avert him with all our strength, both as a government and as political forces – says Di Maio, answering the questions of reporters at the press conference – But of course, having a government in charge for current affairs is not it is the best. We as a Civic Commitment have asked for a massive intervention on bills, the government will do everything possible and will intervene in an incisive way “. And he says: “Those who caused the government crisis in July should now be silent rather than asking the government to intervene “on the issue of expensive energy.

Russian interference in the election campaign? “Interference is now created by the political forces themselves, Salvini clearly says that for him the sanctions must be removed and therefore Putin must be helped”, says Di Maio. “This government – he points out – fell at the hands of two political forces who received endorsements from the Russian ambassador in Rome or even tickets in rubles”.

TV comparison with Salvini? “I have lost track of him, I am available to discuss with Salvini at any time and on any television network, even at Berlusconi’s house if he wants. Civic commitment.

“It worries me that finance is starting to bet against Italy because of the risk that those gentlemen (from the center-right, ed) will go to the government. But we can prevent it with the vote on 25 September”, Di Maio emphasizes.