Elections 2022, Fdi and fetus burial: “Left incomprehensible attacks”

“Woman’s freedom of choice is in no way limited”

“The reasons for the heavy attacks by various leftists on the bill extending the provisions to place aborted fetuses in a dignified and anonymous manner are incomprehensible”. This was declared by the senators of the Brothers of Italy, Isabella Rauti, Luca De Carlo and Lucio Malan.

“The freedom of choice of women is in no way limited, in line with the Brothers of Italy program which provides for the full implementation of Law 194 of 1978 on the termination of pregnancy and not its abolition, as some opponents falsely claim. Indeed, there will be better protection. Today, except in cases already regulated by law, the woman, and with her the father of the unborn child, cannot know what happens to the fetus, whether she wants it or does not ask for it. in general, the bill will be able to know, in full guarantee of respect for the anonymity or improper use of those remains “.

“Moreover, already today article 50 of the mortuary police regulation approved in 1990 provides that in cemeteries ‘stillbirths and the products of conception must be received when no other destination is requested’ as specified in another article. he seems frightened by the idea that a woman, after considering the possibility of having an abortion, for any reason decides to carry the pregnancy to term “.

“But this – continue Rauti, De Carlo and Malan – is clearly contemplated by law 194, of which they always say ‘it cannot be touched’, starting with article 1, which speaks of ‘protection of human life from its beginning’ and specifies that ‘the interruption of pregnancy is not a means for birth control’, and from article 2 which also assigns to the consultants the task of helping the woman ‘to remove the causes that would lead to the termination of the pregnancy’. other circumstances, it seems that even here the left wants to transform the right into an obligation “.