Elections 2022, Formigli to Meloni and Salvini: “Come to Piazzapulita”

The conductor to the Fdi leader: “Are the questions of a journalist a danger for an aspiring premier?”

Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini return to ‘Piazzapulita’. AND’ the appeal that Corrado Formigli launches through AdnKronos in view of the resumption, after the summer break, of the broadcast that leads on La7. The program, which resumes tomorrow a few weeks before the political elections, will host Enrico Letta and Carlo Calenda who will be interviewed by the journalist ‘at a distance’ from each other, or in different moments of the live broadcast. In addition to the electoral campaign, he will also deal with the energy issue which will be discussed with Marco Alverà who was the CEO of Snam. “I take this opportunity – says Formigli – to invite both Salvini and Meloni to my program. I think it is important that those who want to take on government responsibilities also deal with broadcasts that he considers more critical. It would be an important choice on their part, a sign of information pluralism ”.

“They could focus – assures the journalist – on a serious context, on an interview done by me correctly, exactly as I will do with Letta and Calenda. I also take the opportunity of this interview with Adnkronos – reiterates Formigli – to invite Giorgia Meloni to Piazzapulita and ask her a question: why don’t you want to come, why are you avoiding a ‘one to one’ interview with me? What’s the problem? What’s the danger? What danger do the questions of a journalist represent for a leader who aspires to be Prime Minister? ”.

“Beyond the controversies that have taken place – observes Formigli – I really believe that, at this moment, we need to work harder to seek confrontation rather than entrench ourselves. Let’s avoid building other walls, let’s try to confront each other: I for my part guarantee the utmost loyalty, correctness and professionalism and they make the effort to accept the comparison in a place they do not consider a friend. It is something that especially undecided voters would appreciate very much “.

The themes around which the broadcast will revolve will be those related to political current events and beyond. “We will talk – says Formigli – of the electoral campaign, we will try to show the rallies, to hear as much as possible all the political parties at stake. Naturally our focus will be in particular on the favorites. We will ask ourselves which right is the one that probably, according to the surveys, will govern Italy. And of course, at the same time, we will also make a very careful analysis of the errors and weaknesses of the left. This is the system which, however, cannot ignore the very strong emergency in which we live. in the controversies of the day but always keep in mind the picture, even the international one. We will deal with the topic of the energy shock. Among other things, I am pleased to say that we will have a very important guest who is perhaps one of the greatest experts not only in gas but also of alternative energies in Europe, the great manager Marco Alverà who was the CEO of Snam. I know the issues of politics but also the skills ”. For Formigli, this means “broadcasting people who know what they are talking about”.

On the political front, Formigli anticipates, “we will have Enrico Letta and Carlo Calenda who will be interviewed by me”. A ‘remote’ dialogue, given that they will be interviewed at different times, which will allow viewers to “compare their arguments in order to get an idea”.

In times of a level playing field, Formigli sets himself the goal of “a balanced broadcast. We have invited exponents of all parties. If Meloni does not come, and if Salvini does not come, I will try to give balanced information even without them. . We will listen to their speeches, we will hear them talk, we will show them. There are many ways to give an account of the positions of the different parties “. To complete the ‘Piazzapulita’ team, then, as usual, there will be” our program faces: from Mario Calabresi to Antonio Padellaro, from Nunzia de Girolamo to Stefano Cappellini and many others “.