Elections 2022, Forza Italia candidates on the high seas

Between ‘submerged and saved’ Berlusconi struggling with the knot of lists

Forza Italia grappling with the electoral lists. As always happens in these cases, Arcore’s silence on the grid of names in the midst of a very delicate negotiation, given the few secure seats available, due to Rosatellum, a cut in the number of parliamentarians and a decline in consensus compared to the past, fuels the uncontrolled rumors about the ‘drowned and saved’ among the blue ranks. Not only the peons but also many big names, those of the old guard and not, will remain in suspense until the last useful moment (the dead line is 22 August).

All waiting to know if they will be assigned a certain seat, first tier, border line or loser. ”We are still on the high seas, everything is in the hands of the president”, says a big force fighter who is closely following the burning dossier, denying the boatos of ‘excellent excluded’. From what little transpires, however, the only certainty is that Silvio Berlusconi will be head of the Senate in the proportional (in five constituencies) and will run uninominal in Monza, in his ‘Brianza fiefdom’ in Lombardy. It is not known whether the number two of the party, Antonio Tajani, will lead the list in several constituencies, starting with Lazio.

Many wonder where Cav’s ‘non-wife’ will present herself, the deputy Marta Fascina, born in 1990, from Melito di Porto Salvo in the province of Reggio Calabria, who grew up in Portici, in the province of Naples, which was one of the surprises at policies of 2018, when an armored seat was nominated for the Chamber and elected in the Campania 1 district in proportional share.

Also this time, ‘lady B’ could always run in the proportional immediately behind (in order of presentation) the first on the list (Cav or Tajani), in Campania, according to some voices in the four Montecitorio colleges. At first, in fact, they say, she was given in the race in Brianza. There is talk of leaders of Fi gathered in permanent session, both via zoom and in presence. Today, they report, lists are being worked on between Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucia and the Montecitorio offices and in the next few days there should be a summit in Sardinia with Berlusconi to draw conclusions.

For now, historical blue exponents will remain out, such as Adriano Galliani and the former president of the Senate, Renato Schifani, who runs as the blue center-right candidate at the helm of the Sicily Region. Since the former premier has said he wants to focus on women, many are betting that among the new entries there will be Valentina Vezzali, former Olympic fencing champion, recently passed with Forza Italia.