Elections 2022, Forza Italia lists closed in Campania

Berlusconi leaders in the Senate, Tajani in the House. Certainly seat for Fascina

Silvio Berlusconi will be the ‘front-man’ and with him there will also be number two Antonio Tajani. The Forza Italia lists in Campania are now ready, learns Adnkronos, where, they say, no ‘outgoing’ has been confirmed. The Cav will be leaders in the Senate in the proportional, followed by the group leader at Palazzo Madama, Annamaria Bernini. Tajani, on the other hand, will lead the list at Montecitorio. Behind him Marta Fascina, the ‘almost wife’ of the blue leader, who will have an armored seat. ‘Lady B’ should run in all four proportional colleges, Campania 1 and 2.

The goal of the regional coordinator Fulvio Martusciello, they say, is to bring a substantial pink package to Parliament. With this scheme of the three blocked places, in fact, blue Campania sources point out, all the women who will also be lined up in fourth place in the list of the Chamber should tick: that is, Amelia Forte, Teresa Formisano; Giuliana Franciosa, Carla Ciccarelli and Annarita Patriarca, who will also appear in the majority of Torre del Greco.