Elections 2022, ‘gentle tear’ by Rotondi: “I will support Meloni”

The exponent DC will not be a candidate with Fi but is ready to run in a boarding school reserved by Fdi for the centrists of ‘Noi moderati’

Someone called it the ‘gentle tear’ of an old Berlusconi. Gianfranco Rotondi, learns Adnkronos, will support Giorgia Meloni in the elections of 25 September. According to the latest boatos, which the DC exponent does not confirm, he could run to one of the colleges (uninominal or proportional, it is still not clear) reserved by the Brothers of Italy to the centrists of ‘Noi moderati’ of Brugnaro-Lupi-Toti for politics .

” I did not ask for a candidacy to Forza Italia – says Rotondi, president of ‘Verde è Popolare’, a deputy who is not a member of the blue party but, currently one of the group’s vice-presidents in the Chamber – for an elementary rule of etiquette: I tried to to convince Fi to support Giorgia Meloni as premier, with the arguments that I have amply illustrated in these days. I didn’t succeed, there is a difference of opinion: my party, Verde is popular, the last legal heir of the DC, will support Meloni, in the forms she herself wants, while Forza Italia has chosen differently “.

There was no controversy, no personal breakup“, the DC exponent assures several times, specifying:” It’s just a different opinion, like when in 2011 I decided not to vote for confidence in the Monti government, unlike the whole PDL. My relationship with Berlusconi – guarantees Rotondi- has always been free and loyal and will remain so. I add a word of great appreciation for Tajani, for Senator Ronzulli, with whom I have always had an excellent relationship, not to mention my group leader Paolo Barelli with whom I have splendidly collaborated. “. Rotondi closes by quoting Amintore Fanfani: ” I do not deny that I am sorry to do this electoral campaign only in part, in agreement with Forza Italia. But as Fanfani said, ‘a Christian, between two choices, must opt ​​for the more risky one’ … ”.