Elections 2022, Giobbe Covatta and Pippo Civati ​​candidates with Verdi-Si

Bonelli: “With them a turning point on the climate crisis against the nuclearists Calenda, Salvini and Meloni”

Job Covatta is a candidate with the Greens. This was announced by the spokesman of Europa Verde, Angelo Bonelli, adding that he will also lend a hand to the electoral alliance with the Italian Left Pippo Civatithe former deputy of the Democratic Party and founder of Possibile, who will join Aboubakar Soumahoro and Ilaria Cucchi, already presented in the past few days.

“With these 4 nominations – declared Bonelli – we want to represent that Italy that is invisible today and give an answer to those young people who tell us to do something about the climate crisis. That crisis that is not addressed by Calenda, Salvini or Meloni who are united to say yes to nuclear power and who, in reality, want to put their hands in the pockets of the Italians instead of addressing the great issue linked to renewable energy. It must be said clearly: sun and wind are free sources and that’s why they don’t want it “.