Elections 2022, Italexit-Alt agreement: “Together with the vote under a single symbol”

On Wednesday in the Chamber the presentation of the agreement with Paragone and Cabras

ItalExit and Alternativa will present themselves together with a common symbol in the political elections of 25 September 2022. This was announced by Gianluigi Paragone and Pino Cabras. “After a discussion on the issues and a valid collaboration that has grown month after month in Parliament – reads a statement from the leader of Italexit and the president of Alt – we announce that we have found an agreement to present ourselves together in the political elections. The official presentation will take place. Wednesday 3 August at 10 with a press conference in the Press Room of the Chamber “.

“In recent months we have fought side by side against the green pass, against the obligation to vaccinate, against the restrictions and violations of the Constitution that characterized the period of pandemic emergency. We have sided with conviction against the policies of the Draghi government, against privatizations and against the sale of the Italian economy to multinationals, against Italy’s involvement in the war “.

“The decision to unite under a single symbol was therefore taken in a natural way: this alliance will not only concern the electoral competition, but will continue over time because ItalExit and Alternativa have common values ​​and a common political and social vision. This is only the ‘beginning of a path to change the future of the country together “, conclude Paragone and Cabras.