Elections 2022, Italian Left: “Ok agreement with Pd, extend it to M5S”

In the afternoon I meet Letta-Fratoianni-Bonelli. Dem sources: “Unavailable to reopen alliances perimeter”

The Italian Left gave theok to the electoral agreement with the Democratic Party, but also trying to include the 5 Star Movement. From the Nazarene, however, they specify that the perimeter of the alliances does not change. Enrico Letta, Angelo Bonelli and Nicola Fratoianni, as far as we know, should be seen at the Nazarene in the afternoon. “Green Europe and the Italian Left with the meetings of their respective governing bodies have decided to build an electoral agreement with the Democratic Party because we consider the reasons for defending the Constitution, environmental and social justice a priority in this delicate moment for the future of our country which requires the utmost responsibility. With this spirit and awareness we are preparing to meet the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta “, affirm Bonelli and Fratoianni in a joint note.

For his part Carlo Calenda he just tweets the agency title. The yes of the Italian Left to the agreement with the Democratic Party with the request to expand the alliance to include 5 stars. To say that the ex-minister’s attention is high on what is happening and therefore on the choices that will be determined in the next few hours. From the Action parties they let it be known that Enrico Letta’s response is now awaited with respect to the mandate of Yes to Nicola Fratoianni, which also includes the request to recover Giuseppe Conte’s pentastellati. “Let’s see that Letta answers”.

THE ASSEMBLY – The green light came during the Assembly with 61% of votes in favor, 5% of abstentions. An alternative device reached 31.8%. “The National Assembly of the Italian Left gives mandate to the National Secretary and the Secretariat of verify the possibility of making an agreement with the Democratic Party on single-member constituenciessuch as to counteract the electoral force of the right-wing coalition as effectively as possible “, we read. In addition,” di work to ensure that this agreement is also extended to the M5Sand leads to the candidacy of important personalities from the world of work, culture, associations and democratic, progressive and ecological movements “.

A point on which sources of the Nazarene specify: “We welcome and express our appreciation for the decision taken today by the National Assembly of the Italian Left. At the same time, we confirm theunwillingness to reopen the discussion on the scope of alliances already decided “.

Among the other points: “To confirm the alliance with Green-Green Europe and to conclude with the utmost speed the steps necessary to transform it into a common electoral list; to guarantee in this context the list and our Party total autonomy in terms of program , list and political perspective “.

And again to “present a programmatic proposal that starts from the defense and implementation of the Constitution and has at its center the struggle for social and environmental justice, starting with the fight against climate change; from combating fossil energy to the advantage of renewable energy; from dignity, stability and just remuneration for work; from relaunching the economic role of the State; from the extension of welfare, including citizenship income; from investment in school, health and public and free transport; from civil rights, with the recognition of full rights for lgbtqia + people and with the relaunch of a bill that guarantees equality and equal family dignity, from the legalization of cannabis and euthanasia, from the promotion of gender equality; from the commitment to peace, disarmament and the cut in military spending “.