Elections 2022, League lists: government big players in the House

Giorgetti and Crippa in Lombardy, Matone candidate in Lazio

The nominations for the Senate closed, the League is struggling with the latest filings for the lists in the House. As already anticipated by the secretary Matteo Salvini, the entire government team will be reconfirmed and the names of the big names in the Carroccio are the first to have found a place. “THE outgoing undersecretaries of the Federico Freni League, Nicola Molteni, Vannia Gava, Tiziana Nisini and Rossano Sasso will be candidates in single-member colleges to the Chamber “, the Carroccio says.” In particular: Freni in Lazio, Molteni in Lombardy, Gava in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Nisini in Tuscany and Sasso in Puglia “.

The outgoing minister Giancarlo Giorgetti and the deputy secretary of the Lega Andrea Crippa they will be candidates for the Lega in Lombardy, sources from the Northern League say.

“Among the new faces, in Lazio – continues Salvini’s party – Simonetta is worth mentioning Matone“, already a candidate for deputy mayor in Rome in the ticket with Michetti.