Elections 2022, Letta a Meloni: “Presidentialism alone? Italian vote will prevent it”

“The right showed its true face today”

“The ‘moderate’ Meloni announces that they will change the Constitution by themselves” tweets the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta. “The Constitution born of the Resistance and anti-fascism. The vote of the Italians on 25 September will prevent them. #Choose”.

“We on this right repeat, with all the strength we have, that they will be Sunday voters to choose and to say that the future of our country will be a future in which everyone’s health will be put at the top of the agenda “.” But, above all, the Italians will tell this right that the Constitution, born from the Resistance, does not touch. It will not be this right that will change it, because on Sunday the Italians will give a different direction of travel “. And he adds:” In these last hours we are talking about work, the environment, rights “.” The right today showed its true face in final rally of their electoral campaign “.

“Compared to everything the right has said today, we will respond to the claims of the right tomorrow. There will be the people of the center-left who will talk about a different Italy, more supportive and more attentive to rights – he underlines -. There is no arrogant Italy. leaving Piazza del Popolo today, that Italy will lose and it is good that today the true face of the center-right has come out three days before the vote. make-up. And we will beat this arrogant right on Sunday“.

They explained to the Italians that they will change the Constitution themselves and that their logic is the novax logic, contrary to everything that made it possible for Italy to leave Covid “, he adds.” Three days after the vote, Meloni throws his mask on Covid. He chilling words on the Chinese model. Vaccines and the Hope management have saved tens of thousands of lives. Tonight in one fell swoop the right offended our dead and threw itself to the novax“.

“Berlusconi is a candidate for the presidency of the Senate, but I remember that it is the same Berlusconi who had led Italy until 2011, with a little more greasepaint,” Letta said. “We must say to the Italians that the phrase we have heard repeated many times ‘we have tried them all, we also try the Meloni’, that we have already tried the Meloni. She was minister of youth policies of the last center-right government, led by Silvio Berlusconi at the time.“.

If I remain secretary of the Democratic Party? There is no doubt, I am here and I will stay here“he answers.” 42 percent of Italians still don’t know who to vote for, “he reveals.” Think how many people to talk to, why this confrontation with people? Because so far this election campaign has been made by social media, but the highlight is this. I think we can tell any Sicilian citizen. you can trust Caterina Chinnici ‘. And I don’t think others can say the same thing. “At the end of Enrico Letta’s rally in Palermo in the square, the sympathizers present began to dance and sing ‘Bella Ciao’. Letta left the stage accompanied by Caterina Chinnici, the deputy secretary Peppe Provenzano and Claudio Fava.