Elections 2022, Letta-Calenda face to face. Renzi: “With agreement, Fi-Lega toast”

The secretary of the Democratic Party warns: “Enough veti”. Dem convinced that the leader of Action wants to break up

It is scheduled for this morning at 11, in the Chamber, on face to face between Enrico Letta, Carlo Calenda and Benedetto Della Vedova. A decisive meeting, in view of the elections of 25 September 2022, in which it will be understood whether or not there will be the possibility of closing an agreement. Agreement actually already reached and sealed with a lot of handshake – “The colleges had also been defined”, they say by the Nazarene – but questioned. But Enrico Letta “out of a sense of responsibility of those who lead a party that represents a quarter of the Italians”, say of him, is willing to try again. Even in the awareness of the “mild will” to make an agreement shown by Calenda but “we try – underline by the Nazarene – with a lot of patience and an ecumenical spirit”. But let’s be clear, he reiterates, “enough vetoes and no more doors”.

As the leader of the dem reiterated yesterday: “Our appeal is to include and not to exclude” and “I am ready to meet all the souls” of the possible coalition, “Calenda and Della Vedova too, but no to vetoes and no personal vetoes “ said the secretary at the meeting with the Pd mayors, after the request for a meeting by the leader of Action.

“Clear agreements and long friendship – the secretary said – And that the handshake is worth it. Calenda and I met three days ago, we agreed on a path and we shook hands, but if everything jumps two days afterwards, it means that shaking hands is useless “.

In short, Enrico Letta’s now proverbial ‘patience of Job’ remains. But this time it is really put to a hard, very hard test. The about-face of the leader of Action, who after agreeing with the dem secretary a common path just a few days ago, in the space of a couple of days called everything into question, was not taken well by the Nazarene, to put it mildly. “When you shake hands and two days later everything skips, it means that shaking hands is useless”, Letta said.

The Democratic Party is convinced: an agreement with Calenda is further and further away. This is the impression you get from talking to several dem leaders who took part yesterday in the long meeting of the PD leaders with Letta. “He wants to break up, he’s just looking for an excuse to do it”, is a terse member of the secretariat with Adnkronos. The meeting called in the early afternoon by Letta lasted over two hours and, according to what is reported, on the letter sent yesterday by Calenda and Benedetto Della Vedova with the ‘conditions’ to the Democratic Party for the alliance, there was a general rejection. “All pissed …”. Also for a question of the ‘weight’ of Action compared to the Democratic Party. “It takes a sense of proportion”.

In the course of the discussion, some interventions pushed to try a final counter-move anyway. Hence the appeal signed by all the participants in the meeting. An appeal “to proceed, without mutual vetoes” in the awareness “that” every division today would represent a gift to the right that Italy cannot afford. “A last call to try to get out of vetoes and countervetoes. But the answer came from Calenda, who reiterated ‘his’ conditions, is read by the dem as the confirmation of the will to break up.


“If Calenda and Letta agree, Forza Italia and Lega will toast”, said for his part the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi, adding: “The discourse of the useful vote, getting together with the Democratic Party, is not credible. they are the 5 Stars the game is one piece missing – he said – although I don’t want them. I would understand the great alliance of all if they were all there, but in this way, to cushion the victory of the right, a strong center is needed “.

“A center area, the third pole which makes up 10%, is decisive to cushion the impact of the right-wing government, and it would be fantastic for later, to grow,” Renzi said again.

According to the leader of Italia Viva “whoever starts the electoral campaign today as Enrico Letta did, is not opposing the right, but is giving it victory”. “If I want to oppose the right – explains the former prime minister – I cannot leave by asking for the inheritance tax and embarking on those who do not want Draghi. The appeal to unity can be done by those who take away the votes from the right, not those who do not want them. gives “.