Elections 2022, Letta: “Renzi and Calenda will go together”

The dem leader: “If the right wins, Italy becomes like Poland and Hungary”

Action and Italia Viva “are political parties in fierce competition with us, Calenda and Renzi are two political leaders who have made this legislature as elected by the Democratic Party, but since they cannot think of being in a party where there are others as well, they made another choice. I think they will go together. “The secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta said to Filorosso on Rai3, speaking of the 2022 political elections scheduled for 25 September.

As for Salvini and Meloni, “the Italians know that this right is unable to govern the country – says the leader dem – we propose an alternative, let’s say put yourself in the hands of those who know how to govern better, to prevent Italy from ending with Hungary, with Orban, with Poland “.

The two references of Meloni and Salvini are Hungary and Poland. Their photos – continues Letta – are with Trump, with Orban, with Kaczinsky, with Le Pen. Their idea of ​​nationalism is totally the opposite of the one that brought Italy the real hope, the PNRR, the next generation EU. That money to use for digital infrastructures, sustainability, the South. They have an idea of ​​Europe that is totally different from what is needed “.

“Our electoral campaign will be about things, or it’s over there, Meloni and Salvini, or it’s here, and here we are alone – he says – It is the essential choice, I mean it very seriously, for the next 5 years. let us be surprised if then in a year things will go badly, or very badly. This clear choice is the one on which the country is gambling its future “.

Among the commitments, “if we win, at the end of the term, teachers will be paid with a salary which will be the average of that of other European teachers“says Letta.” It is something that I would like very strongly for the end of the legislature, in 2027. Italy is one of the countries that pays middle or high school teachers less than all the others. Or rather – he specifies – at the beginning of his career it is a little less, then going forward in other countries the salary grows, in Italy it practically remains the same “.

THE SYMBOL – “We will present the symbol on Thursday, which will be the symbol of the Democratic Party with some changes” then announced the secretary of the Democratic Party. “I saw today that Forza Italia presented the symbol, on which Berlusconi stands tall. The fundamental difference between the politics I think about and the politics of others – he continues – is that I believe I have a community, of which I am the secretary . On the other hand, always the names, for Salvini, for Calenda, for Berlusconi, for Meloni. No, people vote for the Democratic Party, I believe in the community, I believe in this idea “.

“The community of the Democratic Party is with our candidates, women, young people, and the candidates of the parties with whom we have decided to make the lists together. I want to mention Roberto Speranza and Article 1, the Catholics of Demos, the socialists, the movement of European Republicans “.

THE CALENDA REPLICA – Close to the Twitter reply of Carlo Calenda with reference to the phrase “Calenda and Renzi cannot think of being in a party in which there are also others”. “This of attributing decisions to characters is a childish way that I have not used with you. Then I could answer that Letta is so irresolute that he cannot make a choice – says the leader of Action – But all this would bring the debate to the fifth grade level. . I think that more simply your school of politics is to keep everyone inside, mine to try to make clear-cut choices. Try to talk about politics, not about characters. It is not serious, it is not mature. Good road “. Then Calenda adds: “Ps also because you come from a tragic experience of stainless alliance with the 5S on which I have not yet heard you say a word of self-criticism”.