Elections 2022, Letta: “Right no vax, Crisanti is right”

“If Salvini and Meloni had governed in 2020 how many thousands more deaths would we have had? Do we remember them opening, opening, opening …”

“The hail of reactions to the Crisanti candidacy” with the Democratic Party in the political elections of 25 September 2022 “clarifies that on the right the NoVax culture prevails. Crisanti is right, if Salvini and Meloni had governed in 2020 how many thousands more deaths would we have had? We remember them opening, opening, opening… “The secretary of the Democratic Party writes on Twitter Enrico Letta.

Then, by posting a statement by the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi (“I remember with concern some crazy phrases of the virologist Crisanti and I hope it does not bring to Parliament a culture of illiberal and useless lockdown. If the Pd Crisanti line wins at the first cold we all end in quarantine “), Letta stresses:” The merits of the Crisanti candidacy. Everyone says what they really think of the greatest tragedy of recent times “. The dem leader adds the hashtags #lockdown #illiberale # useless #cooling #quarantena.

A guest at ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Radio Capital, Andrea Crisanti today declared: “Does Salvini criticize my candidacy with the Democratic Party? Perhaps he should think of all the errors of assessment he has made, both in foreign policy and in public health. If we had been in his hands, there would now be 300,000 Covid victims instead of 140 thousand and we would be aligned with Putin. Salvini criticizes me, he has other things to think about “.

The League’s reaction was immediate. “No moral lesson from Crisanti who, while the League-led Regions were at the forefront of fighting an unexpected and unprecedented battle against a virus then unknown, was engaged in his TV show with purposes now known to all. But now the Italians have clear ideas and on 25 September they will be able to choose between the chatter of the left and the concreteness of the center-right “he says in a note Maximilian Romeoleader of the League in the Senate.

“What a disappointment Crisanti. Sorry to see that as soon as he put on the PD bib the professor forgot everything he experienced during the pandemic, collaborating with a Northern League regional council such as that of Veneto, and decided to contradict his own statements (which they are everywhere) reversing reality, “he says Fabrizio Cecchettideputy leader of the League in the Chamber of Deputies.

The tweet of the same also arrives Matteo Salvini: “‘Crisanti? An expert on mosquitoes’. Prof. Giorgio Palù, an internationally renowned virologist from Padua and president of the Italian Medicines Agency, speaks of the ‘tele-virologist’, now a candidate for the PD”.