Elections 2022, Letta: “Salvini pro Putin danger for Italy”

“Center-right and ambiguous melons”

Salvini’s statements on the issue of sanctions against Russia are very serious“. The secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta says this, speaking with reporters at the Festa dell’Unità in Reggio Emilia.”Salvini said things that not even Putin would sayrevealing his true idea of ​​this whole affair, that is, his closeness to Putin “.

“And the fact that the center-right coalition – he adds – whatever Meloni says, has a choice that is profoundly ambiguous, on one of the most important issues today, that of Russian aggression against Ukraine. Salvini close to Putin, pro Putin , who supports Putin’s thesis, is a real danger for our country “.

“I think Putin would not have said it better” tweeted in response to Salvini’s twittering who wrote: “Are the sanctions working? No”.

“Salvini’s words today in the 50-second video are words that are also well spoken, but it is exactly Putin’s thesis, it is the Italian translation of what Putin theorizes today. Evidently it is a choice that is against us, and the The idea that we give the government of our country in the hands of the fifth pillars of Putinism in Italy is one more argument to fight to the end, vote by vote, house by house, street by street “.