Elections 2022, Letta sees Calenda. Verdi: ok alliance with Pd

Face to face after tensions. Pd: “We work for a broad and plural coalition”. Di Maio: “We will not accept other attacks”

New meeting today between the Pd secretary, Enrico Letta, and Carlo Calenda, leader of Actionafter the tensions of the morning within the center-left in view of the 2022 political elections on 25 September.

Matteo Richetti and the secretary of + Europe Benedetto Della Vedova were also present at the meeting between Letta and Calenda. “We we continue to work for a broader and more plural coalition. We want to confirm the agreement with Action and More Europe. And in the evening the secretary Letta will meet Bonelli and Fratoianni. The intention is close the whole picture by tomorrow. Time is running out “, sources from the Nazarene know.

For the moment, the protagonists of the meeting and also the respective staff are silent. “We do not say anything”, they know from the parts of Calenda.

On the ‘left’ side, it is confirmed that there will be a new meeting with Letta – as established after yesterday’s meeting – when the red-and-greens have consulted their internal bodies. The Greens have already given the ok to the alliance with the Democratic Party. The response of the national assembly of the Italian Left is awaited. So, having defined the framework in the two parties, there will be a new meeting with the secretary of the Democratic Party.

In the evening, according to Adnkronos, there was a new meeting between the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta and the two exponents of civic commitment, Luigi Di Maio and Bruno Tabacci. The three met at the Arel headquarters for about half an hour, without making any statements at the end. As far as we learn, there will be a new close round meeting.

“We expect equal dignity and respect within the coalition, we will not accept other attacks and discrimination from anyone. We need a united and broad coalition and we will work constructively, but respect must not be lost”, said Luigi Di Maio, political leader of Civic Commitment.