Elections 2022, Letta: “Whoever wins governs, there will be no messes”

Secretary Dem: “There is no silver medal, if we lose we will be in the opposition”

Forget the mess. The secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, clearly says – during an electoral initiative in Alexandria – that there is no possibility of reviewing the broad agreements as has happened in this legislature. Hypotheses or fantasies that begin to circulate in the newspapers. “The game is played between us and the center-right. Whoever wins governs, with the uninominal system there is no silver medal for who comes second”, added the secretary Dem.

“We will not govern with the right, the government’s experience of broad agreements has been unique, exceptional and unrepeatable, the idea that what happened in this legislature can be repeated is absurd”. “The game is being played now, there is no extra time, the vote is not a like that can be added and then removed,” she added.

“Let’s not get carried away by the rumors that are spreading and say: ‘the right will win, but then they will fight and then a government will be made all together’. This rumor or idea does not make any sense. On September 25, whoever wins governs. On our part there is the firm will to win and govern; if we lose we will be in opposition. There will be no messes or non-transparent operations that no one would understand “, concluded Letta.