Elections 2022, Ligabue and Accorsi distrust the League for ‘Radio Arrow’ use

With them also the producer Procacci for Fandango: “Used the ‘secular creed’ for the electoral campaign without authorization (which would not have been granted). We dissociate ourselves from the content of the message”

Today Domenico Procacci for the Fandango company, Luciano Ligabue and Stefano Accorsi, respectively producer, author and actor of the film ‘Radiofreccia’, communicate in a note “to have formally warned, through their lawyers, the ‘Lega per Salvini Premier’ from the use of an audio piece with the voice of Stefano Accorsi taken from the film ‘Radiofreccia’, illegitimately inserted in an electoral video currently broadcast on all social media and taken up by the press “.

In the warning Procacci, Ligabue and Accorsi contest the “very serious violation of their rights on the film and the unscrupulous use of the same in a presentation to the public that also clearly suggests an adherence to the content of the message, from which they radically dissociate themselves”.

“The League – continues the note – has indeed used the ‘secular creed’ of Radiofreccia for his own electoral campaign, without asking for any authorization (which would not have been granted), and with grave disregard of copyright law“. The warning contains an invitation” to the immediate removal of any element taken from the film from the video “and reserves” every broader legal protection, both in civil and criminal matters “.