Elections 2022, Lollobrigida: “Failed attempt to demonize Meloni, now she is a hope”

“Compared to a year ago, the attempt to demonize Giorgia Meloni has failed. Now it is a hope, based on what she is committed to doing but also on what she has already shown she can do”. Francesco Lollobrigida, right arm of the president of the Brothers of Italy, replies, interviewed by Corriere a few hours after the intervention of the leader of Fdi, Giorgia Meloni expected in Cernobbio by Italian entrepreneurs.

The group leader in the party chamber with the best polls, in pole position to express the premier, explains that with Draghi there remains a mutual attention: “It is normal that two politically intelligent people like Mario Draghi and Giorgia Meloni, respecting identity and ideas different, both are concerned with ensuring the economic stability of the nation, “he explains.

“We have never changed our attitude towards the premier – he adds – we have not voted for his trust but he could and can count on us for all the measures he takes in the interest of Italy. We have been more loyal than some political forces. who trusted him “.