Elections 2022, M5S parliamentary on August 16: voting for one day only

Meanwhile, the hunt for infiltrators between ‘dimaiani’ and anti-Conte has begun: “We monitor the candidates’ social networks”

Confirmed for August 16, the date of the M5S parliamentarians. According to Adnkronos, the consultation should be held in a single day.

In the meantime, the 5 Star Movement started hunt for ‘infiltrators’. Summits and pentastellated regional representatives are passing sifting through the nearly 2,000 self-nominations received to avoid the risk of finding “nasty surprises” in the lists. Under the magnifying glass there would be people linked in some way to the galaxy of Luigi Di Maio: friends or, in some cases, collaborators of the parliamentarians who, together with the head of the Farnesina, abandoned the 5 Star Movement to merge into “Civic Commitment”.

We’re scanning Google, Facebook message boards … Everything“, explains a parliamentary source who is closely following the candidacy dossier.” It is clear that at this moment I am particularly ‘careful’ any posts against the president Giuseppe Conteor photos with leaders of other parties posted on social networks. “In the long list of aspiring candidates, a member of parliament from Campania tells closed notebooks, there would also be Vito Avallone, collaborator of the ‘Dimaiano’ deputy Luigi Iovino, who passed through the group of” Together for the Future “after the split.

But the person concerned, reached by Adnkronos, denies having submitted the candidacy despite the insistent internal rumors: “I still work for Iovino, who is a longtime friend, but I will soon resign because I was born 5 stars and I stay 5 Stars “, says Avallone, who on his Facebook page shows a cover photo that portrays him next to Alessandro Di Battista in a motorcyclist version at the time of the tour against the 2016 constitutional reform by Matteo Renzi.

The risk of opening the lists to ‘Trojan horses’ is particularly high. “In many cases – says another parliamentarian who is working on the screening of candidacies – we are faced with complete strangers who have never attended the 5 Star community. We do not know who they are, it is a ‘lottery’. Obviously the social networks or the open sources on the web can be essential tools to understand who we are dealing with “. On Facebook, thanks to the hashtag #parlamentarie, it is possible to come across the presentation videos that accompany the self-nominations of aspiring, future deputies and grillini senators.

There are those who connect from their bedroom, those from the office, from the car or even from the beach to announce to their followers the descent into the online voting arena. And the appointment with the ‘cringe’ is almost inevitable. “We must concretely commit ourselves to give all young people and our children a better world. And for them, as a sign of affection and sympathy, I have put the attached short video”, writes for example Giacomo posting the video in which he dedicates the Neapolitan song “Reginella”.