Elections 2022, M5S parliamentary openings: ‘ballot boxes’ open until 10pm

Subscribers will also be asked to give their assent on the 15 names of the ‘restricted’ list chosen by Giuseppe Conte

On the Sky Vote platform, the “parliamentarians” of the 5 Star Movement for the selection of candidates in the next political elections on 25 September. The virtual ballot boxes will remain open until 10pm.

According to Adnkronos, at 11.30 there were 15,000 votes cast: over 15% of those entitled in an hour and a half, up to 12 votes per second, which is the highest turnout in the first hour since the Movement has landed on SkyVote. “Effective security measures against attacks, no interruptions,” Skyvote explained to Adnkronos.

In addition to the individual candidates, members will also be asked to give their assent to the 15 names in Giuseppe Conte’s ‘restricted’ list. Among these are representatives of civil society, such as the anti-mafia magistrates Federico Cafiero de Raho and Roberto Scarpinato. Ecological transition experts, such as former minister Sergio Costa and Professor Livio De Santoli. There is the notary of the Movement, Alfredo Colucci.

And then many big pentastellati. It starts with the former mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino, then the parent company in the Senate Maria Domenica Castellone, the undersecretary Barbara Floridia, the former group leader in the Senate Ettore Licheri, the minister Stefano Patuanelli, the member of the board of the parliamentary group Francesco Silvestri, and vice-presidents of the Movement Riccardo Ricciardi, Michele Gubitosa, Mario Turco and Alessandra Todde.