Elections 2022, Meloni a Letta: “Ready to presidentialism even alone”

“From the 25th everything changes”

“The time has come to stop holding your nose and breathe deeply the air of freedom, on 25 September there will be no more “Italy that wants the left. “Italy is about to end the Capalbio golf club”. In Piazza del Popolo, Giorgia Meloni speaks last and takes the stage in her Rome. In the final rally of the united center, with the three leaders together again on stage – she, Berlusconi and Salvini – after the last time in Emilia, in Ravenna, for the closure of the regional in January 2019.

The leader of Fdi talks for about 40 minutes, voicing Berlusconi (visibly tired and helped to get on stage) and Matteo Salvini, who allow themselves to be in the square, full with some empty space, for about 20 minutes each. The words of the leader of via della Scrofa sound like an eviction notice for Letta and co. It is no coincidence that the challenge arises on the issue of constitutional reforms: “If the Italians help us and we have the numbers – she says – we are ready to do presidentialism anywayeven without the opposition “.

Berlusconi retraces his career, “when we stopped the Communists”, claiming to have founded the center-right. “We united are the true and natural majority of Italians. In every electoral round we have always had the same answer:” Italy does not want to be governed by the left “. Then he will take his leave with an invitation to say “everyone alive Giorgia, long live Fdi and long live Salvini and the League”. A sort of blessing to the two 40-year-olds who are with him.

Salvini focuses on common themes: no one wants to bring up divisive themes, and so the leader of the League remains vague about the dear bills: “We will make a decree”, he says, but does not provide figures, nor does he speak of deviation. Word that Meloni has never liked. Free hand and applause collects on the issue of migrants, and in reiterating that Italy, led by the alliance, does not want to be influenced by foreign chancelleries, “from Paris, Berlin and Brussels”.

The leader of the League addresses the issue of expensive bills, insisting with an urgent intervention to stop the increases, clarifying that it would be up to this government, “but if they do not do it now we will do it with a decree of the next center-right government”. Then he turns to the allies to ask for “the cancellation of the Rai license fee”, a passage greeted by the roar of the square and hundreds of “stop fee” signs.

“Via the Rai license fee from the bills and taxes of Italian citizens. If Fazio wants to hold speeches, he pays them out of his own pocket,” he says. “Enough with the duty of the 90 euro fee for Rai”, he attacks. “The fee paid is enough to get pseudo left-wing intellectuals to hold rallies”. ” We will govern together for five years ” guarantees Salvini, who returns to his traditional workhorses (border control, flat tax, quota41 to cancel Fornero, no to drugs, yes to the birth rate, stop landings), but not doing any reference to the topic of Autonomy.