Elections 2022, Meloni: “A woman to lead the government? How to break the glass roof”

“If I, if a woman were to lead the government for the first time, I challenge anyone to say that it would not mean breaking a glass roof, which exists in Italy and penalizes women”. Thus the president of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Melonitalking to journalists at the Monza racetrack, on the occasion of the Italian Grand Prix.

“I – underlined Meloni – I am a woman and it is not that the license of femininity is given to you by the left on the basis of whether you are leftist or not. So the fact of saying that ‘you are not a woman if you do not say things what I say ‘, frankly makes me laugh enough “.

In Italy, Meloni said, there is “a glass ceiling, which penalizes women, which produces the gender gap, which produces lower wages for equal work, which produces discrimination for women of childbearing age and a series of problems, which are all written in the program of brothers of Italy “.

“After that – added the president of Fdi – since even this cannot be answered, lies must be invented, such as that Meloni wants to abolish law 194, which I have never said in my life, I have always said the opposite and that is, that we do not want to abolish or modify Law 194, but to apply it in its entirety “, since” there is a part of 194 concerning prevention that, in my opinion, has never been adequately applied “.

“This means – Meloni assured – that we will guarantee the right to abortion, but also the right not to choose an abortion, which women sometimes do because they think they have no alternative. If we can help those women to make another choice, we’ll do it. ” “I don’t know what is unpresentable for the left, but for me this is common sense. Let’s see if they understand these geniuses we are dealing with”, concluded the leader of Fratelli d’Italia.