Elections 2022, Meloni in Cernobbio: tests as leaders in the Italian Davos

Among the leaders who attended the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio, it was undoubtedly the most awaited

The participation of Giorgia Meloni, one of the leaders who attended the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio, was undoubtedly the most awaited. Among the great names of the elite of finance, entrepreneurs, managers and economists and old and new political figures, there was great curiosity to attend the intervention of the leader of the Brothers of Italy, accredited by the polls as the possible next Prime Minister.

White casacchina, gold sleeveless duster, Meloni made an intervention in front of the audience of Cernobbio with which he wanted to present his vision of the global political and economic scenario. There were so many things to say, but time, contingent as for the other challengers, did not prevent her from making a complete overview of the most important issues: from the priority of bringing the value chains transferred to Asia back to Europe, to the need to support Ukraine to avoid the victory of Russia and China, to the role of Italy, which must maintain its position on sanctions and the sending of weapons to Kiev.

The audience listened with attention and curiosity and there was no lack of applause. There was not even a few laughs, when he gave life to a curtain with Salvini who, starting his speech, put on his glasses and unlined a novelty: “I’m starting from what you discussed – said the leader of the League – and I allow myself to do it with a few slides “. To which the leader of the Brothers of Italy looked at the audience and smiling ironically she repeated: “the slides … ‘”.

Without sparing criticism of the European Union, such as the excessive shyness on the introduction of a cap on the price of gas, Meloni opened the dialogue with Brussels on the use of European programming funds against expensive energy and on the “improvement” of Pnrr. But, a subject dear to the Italian economic world and international observers, it closed the hypothesis of a budget variance to support families and businesses affected by the surge in energy prices.

The impression one had while attending the round table of political leaders, in which in addition to Meloni and Salvini, Enrico Letta, Giuseppe Conte and Antonio Tajani also took part, is that the leader of Fratelli d’Italia has embarked on a path of personal growth, showing a less aggressive attitude than colleagues, more proactive and above all a lot of moderation. And at the end, you left Villa d’Este dribbling journalists without making any statements.