Elections 2022, Meloni: “In the Democratic Party there are those who praise the USSR, what does Letta do?”

The FdI leader: “We will establish the right to sport for young people”

“After the young Democratic Party candidates who deny Israel’s right to existence and security, there are also those who praise the Soviet Union. This is the post of the Metropolitan Secretary of the Democratic Party of Naples Marco Sarracino, one of the under 35 leaders chosen directly by Enrico Letta. Sarracino, candidate for the Chamber in the Naples 2 plurinominal college, wrote: Happy anniversary of the Revolution ‘. Bolshevik, of course. Complete with photos of Lenin and the Red Army “. He writes it Giorgia Meloni on Facebook.

“Who knows if Letta will also claim this in her interviews on foreign TV, who knows how much the international community will appreciate a party that praises the Soviet Union – a totalitarian communist regime that has oppressed the freedom of the European peoples for half a century, killing millions – while, among other things, Russian tanks enter Ukraine complete with hammer and sickle to claim the borders of the USSR “, concludes Meloni.

“Few people know that Iceland in the 90s was the European nation that had the highest rate of consumption of drugs, alcohol and tobacco among the young and the very young. Within a few years few know that that nation is overturning the ranking completely, becoming the most virtuous nation by far. How did they do it? They simply decided to invest in young people, establishing a kind of ‘right to sport’ “, Meloni later wrote on Facebook.

“All the children were given the opportunity to do any type of sport, thanks to an investment program on sports facilities and financial support for the weakest groups. Thus, with a strong synergy between school and the world of sports, the Iceland has managed to cultivate generations of healthy and successful athletes. The small Viking island’s participation in the 2018 World Cup was emblematic, where it even managed to equalize with Messi’s Argentina. Sport will also be an investment center for us. strategic. By establishing the ‘right to sport’ we will guarantee the possibility for all children to exploit their sporting talent “.

“We will institute scholarships for sporting merits. Why how many new Francesco Totti, how many little Yuri Chechi, how many Abbagnale brothers have we lost in recent years simply because we have not given them the opportunity to play sports? And how many of them may have ended up being swallowed up by the deviations that afflict our children when they are left alone? Investing in young people means investing in the future, cultivating talent, fighting drugs and deviations, raising generations of new healthy and determined Italians, charged – he concludes – with those values ​​that only sport can give “.