Elections 2022, Meloni: “Italy is handing us behind the EU”

“The government of the best has left us a debt increase of 116 billion euros”

“Italy is not placed in an easy situation, not all is well. The Italy that is handed over to us is the rear in all European countries”. This was stated by the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, during the rally in Piazza del Duomo, in Milan. “We do not know if we have defeated the pandemic – she stressed – we have skyrocketing energy prices, we risk a food crisis etc. It is not the best time to govern Italy in these conditions“.” The government of the best has left us a debt increase of 116 billion euros “attacks the leader of the Brothers of Italy.

BASIC INCOME – “Citizenship income is not good. It is culturally wrong, I am the only one saying that it is not an answer. A just state does not equate welfarism with who can work and who cannot. The just state puts you in a position to have a job, to be free, to improve and not to depend on politics as the parties like, which then go on to scrape together votes “.” Citizenship income is an unfair provision for young people – he added- he says stay home, you don’t need, I don’t need you. This is a nation made by the very young. The heroes of the Risorgimento were 20 years old, we desperately need young people. It’s easy to come to the streets and say I’ll give you a thousand euros like Cetto Laqualunque, serious politics doesn’t do that “.

MINIMUM SALARY – “Poverty is not abolished by decree, the state must not bother those who work. The minimum wage is a red herring, we need to lower the tax wedge “he highlights.

THE POLITICAL CLASS – “Every day they tell me that the Brothers of Italy do not have a management class up to par. In fact I don’t have Azzolina and neither Toninelli nor Di Maio. I’m sorry, you will not have ministers like this in a possible government of the Brothers of ItalyI apologize in advance”.

THE SALVINI-BERLUSCONI MEETING – ” I did not know they would meet but we will see each other randomly … The coalition is working well, we are running a peaceful campaign ” said the leader of the Brothers of Italy, commenting on the news of today’s meeting in Arcore between Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi.

THE ELECTORAL CAMPAIGN OF THE LEFT – “I got very nervous today, I’m not reading anything, I don’t watch talks, I go my own way, I keep talking to citizens, I’m not interested in detractors, but there is a limit to everything. That limit must be denounced “underlines Giorgia Meloni.” A few minutes ago I came across a video of a demonstration of the Democratic Party at which there was Letta applauding with the Apulian governor Emiliano, who says speaking of us’ Puglia will be the Stalingrad of Italy , here they will not pass, they must spit blood ‘. I want to know from Letta if these can be defined tones worthy of an electoral campaign in a democracy “.” I am tired of the irresponsibility that I am seeing in this political class – added Meloni – If I stop doing politics, they have no programs for the next 5 years. The fake news I’m reading cannot be counted “.