Elections 2022, Meloni-Letta confrontation: challenge between the EU, migrants, Pnrr

Debate between the leader of the Brothers of Italy and the secretary of the Democratic Party

Gas, EU, Pnrr, expensive energy and bills. There are many topics in the confrontation between the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni and the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta on the Corriere website in view of the elections on 25 September.

“If the other side wins, Italy would enter another path” attacks Letta. “There is a crossroads, a kind of referendum is like in Great Britain with Brexit, it is a binary, dry choice”. “Many Italians fear that a victory of the right would bring us back on rights,” she adds. “We have no intention of opening other seasons of broad agreements. It will either be the majority or it will be opposition”.

” Given the level of aggressiveness of this electoral campaign towards me, the ugly ones, finished everything, I can be a Tibetan monk … ” during the face to face Meloni allows himself a joke about the electoral campaign.

DEAR ENERGY – “We think that the first intervention should be to block the bills that have to arrive but next to this there is a need for two interventions on the bills that have already arrived: the doubling of the tax credit for companies and then the introduction of social electricity bills for families with a lower ISEE “says Letta. “All this makes sense, however, if there is a ceiling on the price of national and European gas”. “I am happy to hear – he adds to the FdI president – that we are on a similar wavelength, that it is necessary to decouple” the price of gas and that of energy.

“The issue of decoupling the cost of gas from that of energy can be tackled at a national level if we see that Europe does not arrive in time”, reiterates Meloni. “I don’t think that a budget shift is needed right now, it must be a last resort. To do so, instead, without price cap and decoupling, would mean giving billions to speculation … ”. ” From the left not even a word against Germany blocking the gas roof … ” he attacks.

WORK – ” The minimum wage does not solve the problem. Distortions must be fought, bargaining must be increased. But the problem is too high taxation “says Meloni, who proposes” the cut of the tax wedge for incomes of up to 35 thousand euros. ” Because we need to encourage people to hire and indefinitely. We propose a super deduction of 120% for each new employee, which reaches 150% if a fragile person is hired ”.

“We have a proposal for a large tax reduction: the reduction of the tax wedge to have an extra month’s salary at the end of the year” promises the Secretary Dem. “There is inflation that has never been like this since the 1980s. We. we have put in our program a series of coverage for the reduction of the wedge and we believe that alongside this it is possible to make a credible economic policy “.

A theme that of the reduction of taxes on work that joins the other great problem of the difficulty of “young people to really get into the engine of the country”. “The real migratory emergency are the boys and girls who leave. We must ensure that they stay and develop their talents here. How? With access to work with a real salary and not with fake and free internships. then support for rent to allow them to go and live alone “.

As for the citizenship income, adds Letta, “a measure to combat poverty is fundamental. It will have to continue for this function, on active policies it is necessary to change”.

MIGRANTS – “Hungary has always blocked migration policies whenever it could, with the right of veto. If anything, Germany has opened its doors and was left alone,” says Letta. “Europe was not there because it was blocked by some countries and, therefore, we need European solidarity and European instruments” including “the overcoming of the Dublin Treaty. But we always return to the same point: with the sovereignists we will be left alone”. “I notice that the word naval blockade has not been used – she adds -. It is so evident that it is inapplicable and that the government of a large European country cannot say such a thing”.

Immigration ” is managed with a flow decree “said Giorgia Meloni, urging Letta to be cautious:” Prudence on Poland, which is taking on all the refugees from Ukraine … “.

UKRAINE – “The sanctions must remain, they are the only way to stop the Russians” underlines Letta. “On February 24, we took a decision in front of the Russian tanks, we organized the first party demonstration in Europe in front of the Russian embassy. From there we have always been consistent and tenaciously in favor of the Ukrainian resistance”.

“Now the Russians are withdrawing and if I think about what various leaders have said in recent months and weeks: give Putin what Putin wants. No democracy and freedom are the most important thing”.

“The words of Salvini and Berlusconi on sanctions? But in the program of the center-right there are clear words and those count … Letta tell us, instead, why you did not raise the issue to your allies about stopping the sending of weapons” Meloni said.

EUROPE – ” The sanctions are economically effective … We ask for a compensation fund for the nations most exposed ” by the conflict in Ukraine, Giorgia Meloni told Corriere.it. “We want an Italy that counts, not an Italy that protests in Europe, that vetoes together with Poland and Hungary,” Letta said.

PNRR – “Renegotiating the PNRR is unreliable” attacks Letta. “If we say to Europeans that we want to renegotiate it, the message is that we are not interested in that money and the message is in line with what Meloni wrote at the time of the agreement in the EU: Meloni wrote that it was better to turn to the International Monetary Fund rather than to the Europe. It would have been an epochal disaster to rely on the IMF instead of on Europe “.

“It has been said that we are the ones who have increased the public debt: the last government with Meloni as minister raised the public debt to 230 billion, the same figure as the PNRR” highlights the leader of the Democratic Party.

” I think that the PNRR money is an opportunity and should be spent in the best way but we cannot fail to consider, as expected, that it can be updated “replies Meloni.” The Portuguese socialist government has brought Gentiloni its proposal for an update and the comment was ‘very interesting’. If Portugal asks, is it okay, and if we ask it is not okay? ”.

FISCO – “We have a proposal for a large tax reduction: the reduction of the tax wedge to have an extra month’s salary at the end of the year,” says Letta. “There is an inflation that has never been like this since the 1980s. We have put in our program a series of coverage for the reduction of the wedge and we believe that alongside this it is possible to make a credible economic policy”.

” There are no tax amnesties in our government program. There is the issue of tax evasion … On the tax side we propose to charge the amount due without further penalties and charges, deferring the amount over 10 years ” assured Giorgia Meloni, interviewed by ‘Corriere.it’.

NEXT GENERATION UE – Back and forth on the EU Nex Generation. ‘”It is not true that FdI supported the Next generation EU”, attacks the secretary of the Democratic Party, who adds: “It is false, FdI has never voted in favor”.

The reply of the leader of via della Scrofa is ready. ” I’m sorry that fake news can’t be avoided even in presence, I’m a bit worried that the left will build her stories and then defend them. I will know what the positions of the Brothers of Italy are on this issue. I’m not used to saying one more thing in the election campaign, as happens in your part of the country, “Meloni points out.

THE READ BUS – The two leaders also discussed electric mobility and the ecotour of the Democratic Party during the election campaign. Meloni says: “Focusing on the electric is not an intelligent thing, because it means putting yourself in the hands of China and, in the meantime, because it has left you on your feet …”. Letta replies: “He didn’t let me down, we have three means that are used in an alternative way. It’s a fake news of your media system”. And “what would it be?”, Asks Meloni and the Pd secretary quotes some newspapers: “Libero, la Verità, il Giornale …”.

PRESIDENTIALISM – ‘I don’t hang myself on the model, but I want to address this question’ ‘of presidentialism. ” I am looking for a solution, let’s discuss it “, but the reform, Meloni argues,” must be done. I am looking above all for a stability whereby the winner knows that he can stay in government for 5 years to carry out his action. The point is: we are willing or not to talk? ”.

“The system ‘give me full powers and everything works’, I think it is not sustainable” replies Letta. “The idea that the Constitution be upset is contradicted by the history of this year and a half: with this system Draghi and the Draghi government have worked”.