Elections 2022, Meloni: “Naval blockade? Europe is asking us” – Video

“For years the EU has been asking member states, and in particular Italy, to defend national and European borders” against illegal immigration

“Since 2011, or since the left has been in government, more than 800,000 migrants have landed on the Italian coasts. Almost a fifth, over 140,000 people, in the last two years alone. Even with a very generous interpretation of the rules on refugees that it has been applied by Italy in recent years only 8% of those who landed illegally have obtained the right to asylum or protection. The others, almost all single adult men of working age, are simply illegal immigrants. unsustainable, also in terms of security, for Italy and for the whole of Europe. For years the European Union has been asking Member States, and in particular Italy, to defend national and European borders. In 2017, the Commission hypothesized a naval blockade, yes precisely the naval blockade, to stop the departure of the boats and the deaths at sea, and numerous other times he asked for serious and concrete measures to strengthen the external borders and cooperation with third countries to combat illegal immigration “. He points this out in a video Giorgia Melonipresident of the Brothers of Italy.

“It is also the content – he adds – of the new EU pact for migration and asylum wanted by Ursula Von der Leyen. This is the only case, in practice, in which ‘Europe asks us’ but does not like it. left and not good. Brothers of Italy proposes the naval blockade because, as we have explained a thousand times, it is a European mission in agreement with the States of North Africa to stop, together with them, the trafficking of human beings and African territory hotspots managed together with the European Union, where applications for asylum can be screened and distinguished who has the right to international protection from those who do not have that right “.

“We want to reiterate – concludes Meloni – a simple principle: you can only enter Italy legally, because we do not let criminals, smugglers or worse by those who want to destabilize our country and Europe manage the migratory flows to our nation”.