Elections 2022, Meloni: “Presidentialism for Italy is the most powerful economic measure”

“Political instability is one of the main factors of our economic decline”

“In the last 20 years, France has had 4 heads of government, which coincides with the President of the Republic. The United Kingdom has had 5 Prime Ministers. Germany 3 Chancellors. Italy 11 Presidents of the Council. An instability that penalizes us. in relations with other states, because it clearly makes us appear not very credible. An instability that penalizes Italians, because governments that last so short do not have a long-term vision “. So Giorgia Meloni in a video on Fb.

“They are always looking for easy and immediate consensus. This is another reason why Italy grew less than anyone else in Europe, by only 4%, from 2000 to 2019. In the same period in which France and Germany grew by more than 20%. political instability is one of the main factors of our economic decline “.

“Presidentialism is not an abstract measure, it is the most powerful economic measure that Italy needs. If the Italians give us confidence and strength in the next elections, we will introduce the direct election of the President of the Republic and a system that gives stability to the Government. An institutional system equal to a great Western nation like Italy, to return to being protagonists in Europe and the world, to return to investing in our future, to return to growth and prosperity “.