Elections 2022, Meloni: “Proud of the flame, but I’m not a fascist”

The Fdi leader in an interview with the ‘Spectator’: “If I were British, I would probably vote for the Tories …”

” The flame in the symbol of Fdi has nothing to do with fascism, but is the recognition of the journey made by the democratic right through the history of our Republic. And we are proud of it. ” This is underlined by Giorgia Meloni in a long interview with the ‘Spectator’, a historic British conservative weekly, which on the cover shows a caricature of the Fdi president with the title ‘Prima donna’ and the question Giorgia Meloni is the most dangerous woman in Europe? ‘ .

” When we founded Fdi – Meloni tells journalist Nicholas Farrell, author of the biography ‘Mussolini: a new life’ – we founded it as a center-right party, with our heads held high. When I am something, I declare it. I never hide. If I were a fascist, I would say that I am a fascist. Instead, I never talked about fascism, because I’m not a fascist ”.

” I believe that the great global challenge today, not only in Italy, is between those who defend an identity and those who do not defend it. If I were British, I would probably vote for the Tories … ” the president of Fdi told the British weekly.