Elections 2022, Meloni: “Trust in Berlusconi and Salvini, there is no time for skirmishes”

The president of Fratelli d’Italia interviewed on the national day of the Aepi Confederation by the director of Adnkronos Gian Marco Chiocci

“As far as Salvini and Berlusconi are concerned, I feel absolutely optimistic, I absolutely believe that there will be no problems. There may now be some small controversy, but we are in the electoral campaign, it is normal for each party to try to report its diversity even with respect to its allies,” in a framework, however, in which we know that on major matters we are all in agreement, which is what makes the difference between us and the opposing field “. She affirmed it Giorgia Meloni, president of Fratelli d’Italia, interviewed on the national day of the Aepi Confederation by the director of Adnkronos Gian Marco Chiocci.

“Both Berlusconi and Salvini, who are people who know politics well, who love this nation, I think they realize – added the leader of Fdi – that if there was a center-right government we would have a very complex situation to manage and even a few friends to manage it, so I don’t think we could devote ourselves to skirmishes between us. I’m lucid on this and I’m sure they are lucid too “.

“Obviously – continues Meloni – if we get there, the government will be political, if only because there is a clear majority, a clear program, a clear vision. There will be a prime minister, hopefully an expression of politics, there will be political ministers. Then I want the best for this nation, we are in a phase in which we cannot afford to imagine a weak government team. We have a situation in which we have to produce the best that this nation offers, so if there are skills, people who may have taken a less political path than ours but who are the best to achieve that political vision, I have no problems and I don’t do it. foreclosures of any kind “.

“I believe that Fratelli d’Italia and the center-right – claims the leader of Fdi – have a perfectly adequate ruling class, I believe that in some cases it is certainly possible to evaluate personalities in the field of conservatives who have not been elected. We will evaluate this in a second. moment based on the electoral results. We have to find something different than Toninelli … “.

“I believe – continues the number one of the Brothers of Italy – in a normal democracy of alternation”, with “i rainbow governments the programs of all the parties are skipped, there is no way to put them into practice, it is a way to spoil the vote of the Italians “.

“I’m ten years that I never say with the Democratic Party, these reconstructions make me smile a lot for which Brothers of Italy would be working in secret on a government with the Democratic Party. Here we start from the assumption that however the elections go, the Democratic Party must govern, do we want to put it in the Constitution that the Democratic Party must be in government? “, Meloni then continued, adding:” Calenda makes me smile, who says if you vote for the center right. vote for Meloni if ​​you vote for us you vote for Draghi: but with what majority? So Calenda is telling us that he is campaigning against the Democratic Party and against the 5-star Movement and then he would get back with the Democratic Party and the 5-Star Movement? Because the numbers say this, so we must be clear, because these are games that we have already seen, tell us with which majority you would get back together, the Democratic Party, the Cinquestelle, with whom they are willing to govern “.

It’s still: “One day I am a Draghiana, the next day I am a fascist. They are imaginative reconstructions, everyone knows who we are. Simply Brothers of Italy and myself are very different from how they have been told and how they are labeled every day “.

Compared to the threats also signed by the Red Brigades “I historically have no fear of anything, however, I am frankly quite nervous, appalled, in the face of the irresponsibility of the left-wing ruling class in this electoral campaign. I am shocked by the fact that, while for example I was lynched for months for having raised my voice too much during a meeting, a few days ago the president of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano, said during a conference, while Letta applauded him with conviction, that we, regardless of how the elections will end, must spit blood, that Puglia will be the Stalingrad of Italy “, commented Meloni.

“When I asked Enrico Letta to distance himself from these words – added the leader of Fdi – he decided not to, when he was asked Michele Emiliano, perhaps he exaggerated, he said no. You can imagine what would have happened. if I had used such an expression? If the Italians want it, Italy is about to end in which the left has more rights than the others; the season in which if you are on the left, if you have the Pd card you think you have more opportunities than the others “.

“I want an Italy in which everyone has the same opportunities and the same rights and I am convinced that the nervousness of the left depends on exactly this, on the hypothesis that their system of power is ending, so I’m not worried about what it will happen in the next few days, but I am certainly quite sorry – he concluded – of the fact that the Italian left has chosen to become an extremist party in this electoral campaign “.

Then the step on Basic income: “The 5-star Movement is campaigning almost exclusively” on citizenship income, “the only issue on which it has kept its word, also engaging in psychological terrorism on parties, such as Fratelli d’Italia, who say it is a wrong measure . I will be in the South today, tomorrow, next week and I will tell the truth and the truth is that while the citizenship income, for those who can work, is a measure that leaves people in their difficulty to depend on politics also for the vote , I think we need to do something different: keep the assistance system decent for those who are not in a position to work. But for those who are able to work between 18 and 60, the real challenge is to find work. of Italy how this can be done “.

“If today I give a citizen income to a 23-year-old boy – added the leader of Fdi – how many years can I give it to him? When at 26 I take it away from him, is that boy richer or poorer? Is he poorer? because he lost three years. I want freedom for the South, I don’t want a South that depends on politics where you then go to ask for the vote otherwise they take everything away from you, I want a South that when in five years, if I go to the government, I go to it asking for a vote, if they don’t want to vote for me, nothing changes, because I built the opportunities for them anyway “.