Elections 2022, Meloni: “We will build a nation based on merit”

The leader of FdI closes the initiative in Piazza del Popolo and challenges the Democratic Party: “Now let them say who they are allying with”

” Thank you for this full square, full of enthusiasm, pride, thanks to all the Italians who did not believe the lies of the left. “So Giorgia Meloni closing the center-right election campaign demonstration in Piazza del Popolo.

“The left throughout the election campaign said that we are scary. But who are we afraid of? To some in fact yes … We are afraid of friends of friends who occupy undeserved positions just because they had the Pd card in their pocket. We will build a nation based on meritwe do not want to replace the system of power of the left with our own: we want to serve the institutions, it is a fundamental difference “.

“We are afraid of inciucists and transformers – he continues – those who have bent the institutions to their advantage: they do well to be afraid, we will build a solid and cohesive government, with a strong popular mandate. Like it or not on the left,” our government will last 5 years, it will be stable, united and serious“.

Then launch the challenge to the center-left: ” The mess-ups are ready to do it again … We in the center-right have seen us on this stage … On the other side there are Calenda Conte Letta, Di Maio … Apparently they are making war. I want to challenge them: declare by tomorrow evening which parties they are with or which they want to ally for a possible government. They come out, before the vote they tell the truth “.

Accusing his opponents of having no ideas but of inviting voters to vote for them by holding their noses, he states: “The time has come to stop holding your nose and to breathe the air of freedom deeply … On 25 September “Italy that wants the left will end.

“We are ready and you will see it … Sunday until the last vote …”, he assures.

“With the center-right in government, this nation will return to producing energy, we will extract the gas in our seas and we will unlock incentives for renewables “.

“Italy – he adds – will no longer be an experiment of the Chinese model for Covid. Enough with the ‘Hope model’ and these sorcerer’s apprentices!”.

“The state does not produce wealth, businesses and workers produce it, the state – he insists – must not bother those who want to do it. For too long the state has treated citizens as subjects.”.

And he warns: “If we have the numbers, we are ready to hold presidentialism even without the left “.