Elections 2022, Meloni ‘wins’ on social media: 3 times more cited than Salvini and Letta

This is what emerges from the Leader & Social monitoring of Telpress Italia. Attention to Carlo Calenda is in sharp decline

Giorgia Meloni is the undisputed star of the election campaign and occupies almost 50% of the debate on social media (46.5%) with an audience of 32.8 million out of 70.76. The president of Fratelli d’Italia collects triple the social mentions compared to Matteo Salvini and Enrico Letta. All the other competitors are detached. After the mid-August break, in which the Italians had given greater prominence to holidays and the expensive bills, in the week of 22-28 August 2022 the electoral campaign comes to life, recording a strong increase in conversations and interactions for the main leaders and also defining a first Letta-Meloni polarization.

Attention to Carlo Calenda is in sharp decline despite being the leader with the highest number of posts on social media for the fourth consecutive week. These are some data from Telpress Italia’s Leader & Social monitoring, carried out with Mediascope, the proprietary web and social listening platform. Leader & Social is the analysis based on the continuous monitoring of the main social networks with the aim of offering an updated overview in real time on the interactions of the main leaders of the parties and on what they write through their social profiles.

Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini are the politicians with the highest social presence peaks in the analyzed period: the Fdi leader joins him on Monday 22 August with the publication of the video of the rape in Piacenza, while the secretary of the League the next day talking about security and comparing Riccione to Marseille.

On the other hand, if we analyze the scenario from the point of view of the leaders also this week Salvini is confirmed as the leader with the largest audience (55.8 million impressions), followed by Giorgia Meloni (49.4) and Giuseppe Conte (42.9). Only 5th Enrico Letta with 8.5 million impressions. The campaign launched by the Democratic Party arouses interest and some hilarity for the post on bacon and bacon but does not break through. Significant percentage increases for Silvio Berlusconi, Luigi Di Maio, Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda.