Elections 2022, money from Russia to the parties? Salvini: “Fake news”

Salvini does not skimp on answers to questions about news based on information from US intelligence, according to which Russia has financed parties in other countries with 300 million dollars since 2014. The leader of the Northern League replies with his usual resoluteness: “Never took or asked for money. . The only thing I brought from Moscow was Masha and the Bear ”

Money handed out by Russia to foreign parties? “Never asked for and never took money, rubles, euros, dinars, dollars from Russia, the only thing I brought home from Moscow when I went to work was for my daughter a dangerous and subversive cartoon character, Masha and the Bear. Strange that every time, ten days after the vote, these fake news arrive: there have been open investigations for years, nothing has ever been found because there is nothing. Does Copasir have to intervene? Do what they want, investigate, ask. I’ve never taken a ruble, anyone who helps the League does it in Italy “. The leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, told Rtl. “It seems to me that someone especially on the left uses this story not to mention Italy, Italians, bills, tax bills and work. Those who help the League do it in Italy, in a transparent and spontaneous way”.

The strategies adopted by Russia

Seconaccording to the American 007 report, Russia has financed political parties and candidates in over 20 countries with $ 300 million. The document is signed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken and is based on intelligence information relating to the strategies implemented to create a network of consensus and support around Moscow. The paper does not specifically mention Russian targets, but it shows that the United States is providing classified information to specific individual countries. According to the Washington Post, a member of the US administration pointed out that Russian President Vladimir Putin has spent huge sums “in an attempt to manipulate democracies from within”. The Russian embassy in Washington did not comment. Russian activities in Ukraine are also in the spotlight: the source consulted by the newspaper did not clarify how much money Moscow has spent in the country led by President Volodymyr Zelensky and invaded in February by Russian forces.