Elections 2022, ongoing contacts between Di Maio and the Italian animal rights party

The Presidency of the Italian Animalist Party: “An interview with the leaders of Civic Commitment is underway”

Contacts underway in these hours for an alliance between the Italian animal rights party and Luigi Di Maio’s Civic Commitment, in view of the 2022 political elections scheduled for 25 September. “An interview is underway with the leaders of Civic Commitment to define together a concrete proposal that characterizes Civic Commitment not only for its environmental sensitivity but also for an animalist sensitivity”, announces the Presidency of the Italian Animalist Party, a political group that Europeans in 2019 achieved a percentage of 0.6% at national level.

AFTER ANIMALISTS NEW CONTACTS – “We are working”, is the comment to the Adnkronos of the entourage of Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. “These are decisive hours”: the reference is to the transversal contacts that Civic Commitment is having in these hours with civic and territorial movements. The machine continues to work silently every day and after Carlo Calenda’s farewell to the center-left, the scope of Civic Engagement within the coalition expands: the leaders of Di Maio’s new formation are convinced of this, and at the moment it remains silent. Yesterday the meeting with the parliamentarians, today a day of meetings and calls. After having initiated discussions with the Italian animal rights party, there are several “ongoing contacts, we will continue to aggregate”, confirm the ‘dimaiani’. And on the attacks received in recent days by Calenda and Conte, mouths sewn together: “We must unite and build, the rest does not matter”, filtered from the environments close to the owner of the Farnesina.