Elections 2022, Ornella Muti: “Meloni premier? What fear”

Daughter Naike at Adnkronos: ” It scares Christian appeal ”

”In this election campaign everyone promises everything but then in the end how many of these promises will be fulfilled? ”. Like this Ornella Muti at Adnkronos on the electoral campaign in view of the next political elections. Meloni could become the first female premier, what do you think? ” Help that fear” replies the actress bursting into laughter. The daughter of the same opinion Naike Rivelli: ” The Melons he worries me because of his way of speaking so violent that it only serves to stir up the crowd – he tells Adnkronos – even this thing about Christianity scares me. You are not part of a party Christian What’s religion got to do with it? ” asks Naike. ” We already have the Vatican that I don’t care to know that Meloni is Christian? -continue-lei Suggest something more important such as how we pay the bills at the end of the month. Meloni does not represent me as a woman in any way ”. On who will vote, Naike is keen to clarify: “Definitely not the right and it scares me a lot that he can win, we had moved forward and we are going backwards ”, concludes the daughter of Muti.

(by Alisa Toaff)