Elections 2022, over 400 journalists at the FdI headquarters

At the Parco dei Principi, the same hotel chosen by the Cinquestelle in 2018

Everything is ready at the Parco dei Principi Hotel for the long election night. To what Adnkronos learns there are more than 400 accredited journalists, including Italians and foreigners at the press area of ​​the Roman hotel, chosen by Brothers of Italy as headquarters to follow the counting of the political elections.

From the United States to South Korea, from Japan to England, passing through Greece, Portugal, Holland, Finland, Norway and South American countries: among TV, agencies, newspapers, websites and radio, the audience of information workers present at the Parco dei Principi he speaks many languages.

Here the eyes of the media from all over the world are focused, as happened during the 2018 elections: the same hotel was then chosen by the 5 Star Movement to follow and comment on the outcome of an electoral round that saw the pentastellati triumph with the 33 % of consents. A stage has been set up in the conference room of the Hotel, with Giorgia Meloni’s party logo behind it on a white and blue background, where a large tricolor ribbon stands out.