Elections 2022, Parolin: “Catholics express the values ​​of life, do not step aside”

The Vatican Secretary of State: “They can make a contribution above all on the basis of the social doctrine of the Church”

Catholics, even in politics, express the values ​​of life, without putting themselves aside. Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin warned him speaking on Tg2 post. “A Catholic who is involved in politics – the cardinal observed – must be inspired by the attitude, the teaching of the Pope where all the issues” relating to life “are well present and focused without focusing on one at the expense of the other, with a complete vision regarding life from beginning to end with all social issues. I hope that Catholics will be able to express this view within the parties in which they find themselves “.

Parolin recorded that the retreat of Catholics in politics “is a fact”. “Probably – he observed – also due a little to that phenomenon due to the secularization of our time where in its less positive aspects there is the tendency to confine religion to the private sector. A phenomenon very present in Europe, which we cannot accepting because Christianity also has a social dimension Sometimes Catholics step aside even from themselves without the need for others to set them aside. I believe that, also from historical experience, the presence of Catholics is important. They can give a contribution above all on the basis of the social doctrine of the Church “.