Elections 2022, Pd-Action-Più Europa agreement: the full text

the electoral pact signed by Enrico Letta, Carlo Calenda and Benedetto Della Vedova

The text of the electoral pact signed today by Enrico Letta, Carlo Calenda and Benedetto Della Vedova is divided into two parts. The first is entitled: “The vision, the program”. The second: “The candidacies, the electoral pact”. In the first paragraph, therefore, the programmatic points on which the agreement was signed. Here is the text (READ).

EUROPE – “The next elections are a choice of field between an Italy among the great European countries and an Italy allied with Orban and Putin. They are a watershed that will determine the future history of our country and of Europe. Democratic Party and Action / + Europe sign this pact because they consider it a duty to build a winning government proposal based on the following points “.

FOREIGN POLICY – “PD and Action / + Europe undertake to promote, within their respective programmatic autonomy, the national interest within the framework of a solid anchorage to Europe and in compliance with the international commitments of Italy and the system of alliances as well as which came about after World War II. In this framework, the parties recognize the importance of continuing with the guidelines of foreign policy and defense of the Draghi government with particular reference to the Ukrainian crisis and the fight against Putin’s regime “.

POWER – “As regards the consequences of the changed international scenario in the energy sector, PD and Action / + Europe undertake to implement the most suitable public policies to guarantee the country’s autonomy through an intensification of investments in renewable energy, the strengthening the diversification of supplies to reduce dependence on Russian gas, the construction of regasification plants within the framework of a virtuous and sustainable national ecological transition strategy “.

WORK – “In the economic and social sphere, the parties undertake to combat inequalities and the costs of the crisis on wages and pensions, agreeing to achieve the minimum wage within the framework of the EU directive and a substantial reduction of the” tax wedge “to protect in particular of workers “.

DRAGONS AND REFORMS AGENDA – “The parties share and recognize each other in the method and action of the government led by Mario Draghi. The parties that caused its downfall have assumed a serious responsibility towards the country and Europe. As regards the reforms to be completed and / or amend after the traumatic interruption of the government, PD and Action / + Europe agree on the need to: fully implement the National Recovery and Resilience Plan in compliance with the time schedule agreed with the European Union; make budgetary policies accountable and fiscal policies to progressivity, while promoting a reform of the Stability and Growth Pact of the European Union that does not mark a return to the season of austerity; do not increase the overall tax burden; correct the instrument of the Citizenship Income and the ” Bonus 110% “in line with the intentions outlined by the Draghi government; give absolute priority to the approval of laws on civil rights i and Ius scholae.

This instead is the paragraph on candidacies and electoral pact. “The parties undertake not to nominate personalities who may be divisive for their respective electorates in the single-member constituencies, in order to increase the chances of winning the alliance. Consequently, the leaders of the political forces that will constitute the alliance will not be candidates in the single-member constituencies, the former parliamentarians of the M5S (who left in the last legislature), the former parliamentarians of Forza Italia (who left in the last legislature) “.

“The totality of the candidates in the single-member constituencies of the coalition will be divided between Democrats and Progressives and Action / + Europe to the extent of 70% (Democratic Party) and 30% (+ Europe / Action), deducting from the total of the constituencies those that will be attributed to other lists of the electoral alliance. This report will be applied to the different groups of constituencies that will be identified by mutual agreement “.

“The parties undertake to ask that the speaking time attributed to the coalition in television broadcasts be divided in the same percentages applied to the constituencies. The Democratic Party and Action / + Europe lists will participate in the electoral campaign led by Enrico Letta, frontrunner for the democrats and progressives, and Carlo Calenda, frontrunner for Action / + Europe and liberals “.