Elections 2022, Pd direction on the lists postponed to 20

Tonight the meeting of the dem to decide the nominations

The PD Direction convened for today by Enrico Letta to give the green light to the lists of candidates in the elections of 25 September should be held in at 20. This is what we learn from dem parliamentary sources. Previously the start of the works was expected first at 11 and then at 15.

Nothing certain yet. What is certain is that the work to be done on the lists this time is particularly complex. The cut of the parliamentarians makes both the selection of candidates and the placement in the various colleges complicated. A few examples? Puglia has lost 22 parliamentarians. Another example of the difficulties to be overcome, of the 13 single-member colleges in Tuscany very many (some say everyone) would be contestable. And then there is the variable of alliances, with the spaces to be ensured for the electoral ‘partners’. Not to mention the ‘cahiers de doléances’ browsed these days practically by all the territories, which do not want ‘parachuted’ candidates.

In this context it is very likely that the eligible candidates will remain ‘hung’ until the last moment. Speaking of Tuscany, they shouldn’t send the big names on the pitch. Roberto Speranza should find space in the Chamber, in the plurinominal of Florence (share Article 1, of course). Like Nicola Fratoianni he could run for the Senate in the uninominal Pisa-Livorno. Letta (outgoing deputy of the Siena college) could decide to ‘move’ and lead the list of the plurinominal to the Senate. For the same place, however, the names of Susanna Camusso and Dario Franceschini circulate.