Elections 2022, poisons and dossier: anger among excluded M5S lists

Discontent for De Santoli, old story recommendations reappear in chat

The day-after of the 5-star lists is a journey between the “submerged and the saved”. The list of M5S candidates in the multi-member constituencies of the Chamber and Senate materializes during the night on the pentastellato website. The leader Giuseppe Conte will run for the Chamber as leaders in four Regions (Lombardy, Campania, Puglia and Sicily): the 15 ‘chosen ones’ that the former premier wanted to lock in ‘his’ list, confirmed en bloc by the members, will also be the leader. with about 90% of preferences – from deputies Michele Gubitosa, Riccardo Ricciardi, Alessandra Todde and Mario Turco to other big names like Mariolina Castellone and Stefano Patuanelli, passing through the magistrates Federico Cafiero de Raho and Roberto Scarpinato, the new entries.

And, as was widely expected, the first tears in controversy with the choices of the top management are consumed. Just think of Calabria – already the scene of fierce internal clashes in recent days – where according to Adnkronos there are those who renounce the candidacy, while in Lazio there is no shortage of grumbling about the presence as leader of the university professor Livio De Santoli, already Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the ‘Sapienza’, one of the 15 on the ‘Contiano’ list.

In these hours they are making the rounds of some chat of parliamentarians old journalistic articles dating back to 2010, where the name of De Santoli appears in some interceptions of 2009 linked to the investigation on the famous clique of contracts: in one of the conversations captured by the carabinieri De Santoli he talks to the entrepreneur Diego Anemone, who later makes it clear to a relative that he has met the teacher to “recommend” a girl about an exam. De Santoli – who, it must be emphasized, has never been investigated or heard as a person informed of the facts – explained in an interview with ‘Il Tempo’ that he limited himself to giving advice to the boys in view of the exams.

Laface, ‘I most voted activist but ultimately finished, I evaluate the renunciation’

The grillino deputy Manuel Tuzi, candidate in third position in the same college as De Santoli (Lazio 1 – 01) prefers to gloss over: “I’m not talking about things I don’t know”. Another deputy, Marco Bella, associate professor of Organic Chemistry at the ‘Sapienza’, on the other hand does not hide his disappointment at his candidacy as a third party in the Lazio college 1 – 02: “The armored price list? The rules are certainly respected – he says to the Adnkronos the parliamentarian from Anzio – but there is an understandable bitterness. De Santoli? I do not speak of others, I speak for myself and I can say that I have never had ‘strange’ friendships and I have never favored anyone as a university professor. .. “.

There is a hot climate in Calabria, where according to Adnkronos the candidate Maria Laface (291 votes obtained in the parliamentarians) is ready to give up the post as ‘substitute’ in the plurinominal: “I am reflecting on this hypothesis but for family commitments. I was the most voted activist in Calabria and I slipped down the list … “, says the person concerned on the phone.

The deputy Elisa Scutellà, who took second place in the alternate list for the plurinominal Calabria 01, and Senator Giuseppe Auddino, third in the list for Palazzo Madama, are also described as very embittered. Neither of them, however, wanted to make any statements. The mood of Guglielmo Minervino, former regional candidate and now alternate in the Calabrian list for the Chamber, was also gloomy, who left the M5S chat in Cosenza by slamming the door.

Di Piazza, ‘second to parliamentarians but they are out, perverse electoral system’

The deputy Alessandro Melicchio is alternate candidate in the Calabrian list led by the former national anti-mafia prosecutor Federico Cafiero de Raho and composed, among others, by Vittoria Baldino (‘parachuted’ from Lazio, the Region in which he ran in 2018, to Calabria) and Riccardo Tucci, accused of tax fraud; but Melicchio takes it sportingly: “How can I tell myself disappointed by the candidacy in Calabria of two prominent anti-mafia exponents like de Raho and Scarpinato? I am convinced that the lists presented are up to par, I see myself in the choices made by the members”.

Senator Steni Di Piazza will also be a substitute in Sicily: “My positioning is the effect of this perverse electoral system, because I finished second in the parliamentarians two votes away from the first but I ended up out of the same. Conte’s list? People like Scarpinato give enormous added value and will allow the M5S to present itself with an even stronger coherence. I’m ready to step sideways, you can do politics even outside Parliament “.

The deputy Antonella Papiro, alternate member for the plurinominal college at the Sicily Chamber 2 – 01, instead admits to the Adnkronos: “The choice to focus on the armored price lists did not appeal to me, certainly Conte had his reasons. I would have liked to continue the my battles in the institutions. A piece of my heart remains there. “

(by Antonio Atte)