Elections 2022, Read in the Pd Direction: “25 September historic choice” – Direct

Long applause for Mattarella at the opening. The leader dem: “The dramatic mistake of the right to bring up the Quirinale”

There Direction of the Democratic Party opened with a long applause to Sergio Mattarella. It was the secretary Enrico Letta to ask for “a tribute” for the President of the Republic. “That of 25 September – said the dem leader – is a historic choice, or one is on one side or the other”.

“Italy does not go back, we believe it, they want to make Italy go back but we will not allow it”, he underlines, adding: “Having wanted to put the Quirinale in the fire of the electoral campaign is a dramatic mistake that the right has made , which Berlusconi did “. And again: “Presidentialism was proposed in the Naples congress of the MSI as it is proposed today by the FdI and by Berlusconi”. “Our contenders-he continued-are scimitar, not giving a damn about thematic, programmatic and coverage compatibility. Not even the entire Italian public debt can be enough to cover the costs of the right-wing program”.

“What we will do in the electric bus is the journey in the most sustainable way possible, a way to put our finger on the sore of our problems. The stages will be marked by the charging columns, not by our desire to go to Pisa or Livorno. another European country would be possible. All this makes sense if we talk about it, if it becomes a message “, he later explained on the electoral campaign.