Elections 2022, Renzi: “If Calenda and Letta agree, Lega and Forza Italia will toast”

“Third pole at 10% decisive to cushion the impact of the right-wing government”

“If Calenda and Letta come to an agreement tomorrow, Forza Italia and Lega will toast”. The leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi said this in The race to vote on La7, in view of the political elections of 25 September 2022.

“The discourse of the useful vote, putting everyone together with the Democratic Party, is not credible. If there are no 5 stars, the game is one piece missing – he says – although I don’t want them. I would understand everyone’s great alliance if there were all of them, but in this way, to cushion the victory of the right, a strong center is needed “.

“A center area, the third pole which makes up 10%, is decisive for cushioning the impact of the right-wing government, and it would be fantastic for later, to grow,” says Renzi.

According to the leader of Italia Viva “whoever starts the electoral campaign today as Enrico Letta did, is not opposing the right, but is giving it victory”. “If I want to oppose the right – explains the former prime minister – I cannot leave by asking for the inheritance tax and embarking on those who do not want Draghi. The appeal to unity can be done by those who take away the votes from the right, not those who do not want them. gives “.