Elections 2022, Renzi: “Letta-Calenda agreement is a lost chance”

The leader of Italia Viva: “We, free and courageous, will go alone to vote”

“This agreement is a missed opportunity, a center pole could have been created that could reach 10%. We, free and courageous, will go it alone”. Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, expressed himself in Controcorrente after the agreement between Enrico Letta, secretary of the Democratic Party, and Carlo Calenda, number 1 of Action, in view of the 2022 political elections scheduled for 25 September.

“We will go alone to ask the Italians for votes to enter the next Parliament. If Calenda wants to be with Di Maio and Letta wants to be with Fratoianni, I consider it an indistinct jam that makes Meloni win. Politics for me is not giving up on own ideas for an armchair. A citizen must be able to cast a useful vote, giving it to serious people “, says Renzi. “Di Maio said that the Democratic Party stole children with electric shocks, now the Democratic Party offers the symbol to Di Maio”, he adds.

“Enrico Letta joins forces with one, Fratoianni, who this afternoon voted against the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO. And Letta began the electoral campaign by proposing a new tax,” he says.

“It may be that old personal rusts are weighed, otherwise it is inexplicable. Letta makes an agreement with those who have never voted for Draghi. Either there is a strange political path or there is something personal”, he says again.