Elections 2022, Renzi opens in Calenda: “Iv available for dialogue”

The leader of Italia Viva: “Today marks Enrico Letta’s Caporetto”

“Today marks Enrico Letta’s Caporetto”, said the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi to his followers, inviting them to “switch off Twitter and go to the beach”. No official comment on Calenda’s break with the Democratic Party in view of the political elections of 25 September 2022 but a great surprise “for Letta’s bankruptcy strategy”.

For a month now – Renzi’s reasoning – the secretary of the Democratic Party has been doing everything wrong. And Meloni thanks. As for Calenda, there are no official contacts in progress but Italia Viva is ready for a dialogue in the name of Third Pole that Renzi defines as an “extraordinary opportunity“In the meantime, work continues on the electoral campaign which should begin at the end of August in Melendugno to relaunch the strategic value of TAP.

“Renzi I have not heard, I think I will talk to him, but I will ask for a step of very strong ideality”, Calenda had said half an hour more on Rai3 after formalizing the tear.

“I have not received any signal from Renzi – added the former minister of economic development – from Italia Viva in the last two days I have received a quantity of insults never received before. Anyway, from tomorrow, we will build very strong lists, and we will tell the Italians ‘for the first time you can vote for and not against’ “.