Elections 2022, Renzi: “Our challenge is the Third Pole at 10%”

“If we win, Draghi’s Italy wins”

” Our challenge is to bring the Third Pole to 10% “. Matteo Renzi said this on Facebook from his study in the Senate.” Let’s see if we can do it, it’s a game that depends on each of us. ‘If we win, Italy wins with Draghi’. If the right-hand side wins, there is Meloni … “.

” We play it both from an organizational point of view and from a content point of view. We are the only ones who are saying concrete things, on time without anyone responding on the merits … An example? Nobody talks about health anymore … We say that it takes 37 billion for this sector. What do Meloni and Conte, Salvini and Fratoianni think of the Mes Sanitary? We are interested in getting the sanitary Mes but what about the others? ”.

” The issue of constitutional reforms will certainly return in the next legislature with all due respect to those who said it was our fixation … “says Renzi.

MELONS – ” Meloni said that the godsend is over for Europe … Dear Giorgia, if there was no Europe, you would get the 209 billion euros by printing money on Monopoly … So before speaking ill of ‘Europe, try to make an effort to understand that today being pro-European is the real way to be patriots. And I think that continuing to attack Europe may lead to some votes being taken in the electoral campaign, but in the long run it hurts the country ”.

PD – ” I no longer speak of the Pd also because to campaign against the Democratic Party, those of the Democratic Party take care of it … I’m referring to Emiliano’s latest shot: I find it a hallucinating style … It’s not my style, it’s not the style I ever want to imagine in an electoral campaign. We will also be in Puglia to say that we are different from Emiliano … ”.